Merry CHRISmas!

So as i had posted before, Unzipped magazine was to feature Chris on the December Issue, well, it's not even December and the pics are out! Feast your eyes by clicking HERE!
the file is in .pdf so you need to have Acrobat reader installed. 

And don't forget, We are still receiving questions for our Chris Rockway interview. So, please hurry and send them whether by commenting or sending an E-mail. 

Update: click Here for some other pics of the december issue

20 Questions with Chris Rockway

In a couple of months this blog will be turning 3 years up and running!

To celebrate, We will have a little Q & A session with Mr. Rockway!. In order to do so, I encourage you, dears readers, to let go everything you always wanted to know about Chris by sending in your questions via comment, or via e-mail at

Questions will be received during the upcoming 2/3 weeks. Then, they will be sent to Chris himself and answers will published later here.

Be creative, ask whatever crosses your mind! but most importantly, Have fun!

Merry XXXmas!

Christmas comes in advanced this year! Well, sort of. Unzipped magazine just released its december issue cover and our boy, the magnificent Chris Rockway is on it!

he's done it again!. - which is good since he's been keeping a low profile and no new videos have been released-

The december issue will be available late november on.
so far, I haven't found any pics, so please if you get your hands on it. please share some scans, they will be much appreciated.


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