Chris, Trent and Xander

Another video has been released. It's been quite a busy month for Chris and we couldn't be happier! We just can't get enough of him, can we? This time Chris shares credits with another Hottie, Xander and a newbie for me, Trent who bottoms and does a great job, of course not as great as Chris whom is always a great experience see him fuck.

LA pride 2008

Randy and his boy entourage were spotted supporting gay rights at the L.A. pride parade. Chris was there among other guys, check the pictures. for the rest of the album click here:
There's seems to be a problem with the pictures, I can't upload them so just check the link.
I also wanted to pos more of the Men magazine photo session and I will later, in the mean time you can check them here:

Alley Cats

Randy blue did it again and he outbeat himself by bringing you the ultimate fantasy.... What would happen if you put 5 gorgeous, hot, sexy and horny guys in a room having a enraged conversation? well if you wanna find out then log on to and see for yourself, the video is great, it took a great amount of work... by the way did I forget to mention that Chris gets fucked for the second time? OUTSTANDING!

Men Magazine

So Chris was again a cover boy, this time for the May issue of Men Magazine, unfortunately, I haven't put my hands on this magazine yet, so haven't actually read the featured article.... What I have actually seen is the photoshoot: Hot, hot hot! Chris looks amazing!, here are some pics so you can feast your eyes.


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