Awesome New Year!

I stumbled upon a series of pictures a few months ago from a site called 

These series features Chris Rockway in a beach called El Pescador. You can google some of the pictures of you want to, they'll come with a watermark from Awesome Images. You have to buy the images in order for them to take the watermark off. 

But worry not, I'm still leaving one here so you can take a (not so little) peek of what to expect from the entire shooting. 

The cool thing with this site is you can order the pictures in different sizes or even buy a calendar with them. Check it out if you, like me, are eager for some new Rockway material.

You have to give it to Chris he looks amazing as always. I say it in all honesty, this man does not cease to amaze me. He looks even better now than when he started. 

Here's to many years of Chris Rockway ahead of us. Have a great 2015, y'all! 


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