A taste of blue

Halloween is coming and so are the guys over Randyblue, This time as a treat for us, fans. The have released A taste of blue a comedy parody / sex video featufing our sexy Chris.

Eventhough I'm not liking the hair work this time it is the last thing you'll notice while watching the video.

Lack of Updates

Guys, I'm deeply sorry for the lacks of updates. Believe me when I say that I haven't had the time to keep this blog working properly besides I've had some PC problems... But today I had a free time so did a little research and I bumped into two videos I never mentioned here before.

The fisrt one and Chris' newest. A hot BJ video with Brent Diggs. This was Brent's first time sucking cook and the lucky bastard got Chris' as his first. You can watch the preview gallery at Randy Blue by clicking here: http://galleries.blueloot.com/index.php?id=2848-001-000408

The other one, is about a month old, but has some goodies too. Chris has managed to become a really master in bed. and in this video he really pulls it off by doing some fantastics moves.

Cumming soon!

Halloween at Randyblue!


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