Chris Rockway, the next Fleshjack boy?

For a couple of years, Fleshjack has had a contest to decide on the next Fleshjack Boy. The chosen "Fleshjack boy" porn stars had sex toys molded from their dicks, mouths and butt holes.

This year the contest has already begun and Chris Rockway is among the nominees.
So vote like there's no tomorrow and help Chris be among the chosen this year. Is a win-win situation.

Cast your vote by clicking this link:

You can vote via Facebook or twitter as well, also by clicking on the link.

So, go and vote NOW!


Here's a picture of Chris in Mark Henderson's new book, "Luminosity".
I'm not sure how many pictures of Chris are to be found in the book but I'd bet there are more. If you happen to have more pics of the book, please send them our way! In the meantime, enjoy ;-)


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