More PREF pictures

Ok, So doing some research I found more pictures of french PREF magazine. Chris looks HOT! no words to describe the pics. If you have more of these do not hesitate in sharing!

I think I now have the pics for the new outline...

A little Update

Sorry guys for the lack of updates but I've been pretty busy lately. Next days seem a little chilled so I'm finally getting some rest.

Ok, back to business, Chris has been busy himself too. First, he flew to NY with some co-workers to make an appearence in the NY gay pride parade and did some sightseeing before.

Then, he had his picture taken for the new issue of PREF Maganize, a french magazine for its SEX issue. Some pictures are available on its site. Either way i'm posting here some of the photos.. The session seems pretty hot and i'm looking forward to get my hands in that magazine o at least have some of the scans.

Well, I'm leaving now. Please if you are reading this, leave a comment! I was so happy about the first commen in the blog, left by an Italian no less.
"Caro amico, Parlo un po l'italiano. é una bella lingua. Vorrei parlare piu benne. Ciao! e Grazie per visitare questo blog"


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