Chris has a message for you!

The CR cam!

Get your hands on this sweet new toy! Randy Blue is having a limited run of a custom made Flip MinoHD featuring the face of exclusive Chris Rockway. You can head on over to the Randy Blue show by copy and pasting this link into your web browser- to get yours today!

Chris and Mike

Finally after two months or so Randy Blue has released a new video. I'll be watching it later tonight. In the meantime, check some stills and promos at waybig blog, here:

Vote for Chris!

As mentioned I before, Chris is up -again- this year for Man of the year. A great honor sponsored by Men magazine. Chris left a message for us fans in his myspace page:
Vote Help Me Win Man Of the Year 2009 Every vote
counts so plz vote for me and help me win this year.
keep voting

There's also a video made by a fan wich you can watch right here:

so don't forget to go to and vote for Chris, let's make it happen!

CR webround.

Two links I just stumbbled upon. Courtesy of my friends at queer porn nation.

1. Chris escorting? Time for spend those savings!

2. Chris hosting a party

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CR live

Yesterday Chris rockway made an appearence at randyblue live, for what it was called "an evening of high culture, poetry, classical music... oh yeah, and lots of dick and ass".
Sorry I did not informe you guys with anticipation but you can expect the video real soon in the live section of randy blue.

Hopefully this means we'll have new Chris material coming.

BTW: after lots of thinking I decided to give you guys a treat. So be tuned in the days to come.

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