Chris Rockway Fleshjack Boy

As we mentioned here a few months ago, Chris was selected as a Fleshjack Boy last year and after long waiting and lusting, his sex toys line is finally out for us to enjoy ... 

So, indulge yourself with Chris' mouth, ass and dick. I cannot think of a better way to start the year! 
You can check out and order the entire line at Fleshjack

Order now and live the Rockway fantasies you always wanted. You won't be disappointed!

Randy Blue has a Christmas gift for all us. A holiday classic read by an amazingly hot looking Chris Rockway.

Add on top of that the story re-enactment of Brett Swanton and Jordan Levine! See the trailer here and as usual, go to randyblue for the entire video. 


Chris' straight video has finally arrrived!

Remember a year ago when we were informed Chris Rockway had shot a straight video under the name of "Cash Hunter"? Of course you do! It was kind of a big deal back then (for many of you not me) but some how the video didn't take off and Chris himself said during one of his live shows that he didn't think the video will ever see the day of light cause of X number of issues.

Well, the video has finally surfaced. Two weeks ago the video was posted on, the tittle of the work is "Sweet Chastity". You can see the preview f the video by clicking here.HERE

Send us your thoughts! To see more pictures and a brief description of the video, continue reading.

Chris does the Harlem Shake

Need to say more? By now that annoying beat has driven you nuts and you probably don't want to hear it anymore. Still here's Chris Rockway with some other Randy Blue models shaking it Harlem Style. 

Chris-mas is here!

Hope you had a lovely Christmas eve and a merry Christmas!

Mr. Rockway himself is been quite busy. He released a new video last week, which means  he's back on track after his back surgery and other things, he shot a calendar 6 months ago for prairie visions. Among the picture you can find some themed like these two here, and of course he is one of this year's Fleashjack boys and his dildo and fleshjack are coming very soon. too bad Santa isn't able to get those yet, but soon! anyhow ....

Have a great holiday season and an amazing 2013. Thanks for Everything guys, it is truly appreciated. 


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