Chris Fucks Cru

It's been two months without seeing Chris in action, well now he's back and with him old times topping. This time Cru is the lucky bastard who gets Chris' piece of meat. The video is really nice..Make sure to head to Randy Blue to catch it. Is great to have Chris back!

more pics at:

Cover Boy

Our Boy, Chris Rockway takes the cover of Australian Magazine DNA. and god does he look hot! Besides one of the hottest shooting there's also an interview. So leave everything and try to get it while you can. You can also check out the on-line edition at: you'll have to free register to view the content. Thanks to David M for the heads up.

Do you enjoy fucking men? In all honesty, I’m mainly attracted to women. But sex with men can be fun. Guys get so hung up on labels and what people will think of them that they miss out on a lot. Once you get rid of the anxiety of doing something you don’t believe you are supposed to do you can enjoy it for what it is. While I’m not attracted to the guys I’ve been with, a lot of us have become friends and we approach it like some guys would see a game of touch football, wrestling or horsing around. Guys being guys – just in a different way.

Out of the guys you’ve been with on Randy Blue, who has been the best lay? I’ve never seen anyone take it like Reese Rideout or Cody Fallon. Plus, I’ve worked with Reese so much we have a great time when we work together. And Cody is just off the cuff. He’s a wild man.

We’re guessing Chris Rockway isn’t your real name? How did you arrive at that porn name?It was my first childhood pet and the street I grew up on, everyone knows that one. [Laughs] Just kidding! I kind of went with the first thing that sounded good.

Forgive our scepticism but we’ve seen you in action. Are you really straight? [Laughs] Yeah. I prefer girls. I’ve only dated women and had never been with a man until Randy Blue.


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