Chris and Eric

Just when I was losing faith in seeing new Chris' material before 2010, Randy Blue updated this video. and it is hot!! so hot I had to hit pause to tell you guys about it! it has gotten great reviews so far by users over at randyblue's blog here's the description and a photo of it.
More pics will be posted eventually!

When I asked Eric Pryor who he really wanted to get his ass plowed by he blurted out Chris Rockway's name before I could even finish. And anyone who's been on this site for a while will know that I take this as a sign that these guys will do an excellent job together. Obviously if one guy is asking for it then he's going to bring it all when he gets it. And if someone knows they're being requested then they usually step up to the plate because they don't want to disappoint. That's the way we roll here. And by the sounds that Eric makes with Rockway's meaty stick of dynamite buried deep in his gut you know that he got everything he wanted and then some. And Chris, never one to disappoint, really got into it. They both had such a hot time and it really shows. I love watching Eric get fucked. There are moments where he goes into receptive bottom mode and just lets everything happen, and then there are times when he uses the most powerful thigh muscles known to man to raise and lower his amazing hole down onto the top, almost like fucking him in reverse. In fact, I'm sure Chris had heard about Mike West's incredible time with Eric and had to get a taste for himself. If you look close you'll even see Chris grab Eric's hard cock and use it to direct his potent pelvic thrusts to perfectly work his raging tool. And it's so much fun watching the both of them cum because they each do it in their own unique way.


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