Chris & Gabriel

Although not the video I was expecting, this video will satisfy my Chris Rockway craving for now. This time Chris is paired with newbie Gabriel Shams for a BJ round that would leave breathless anyone who watches it. The foreplay is really hot and the pleasure expressions on both guy's faces are priceless. Saddly the video does not include any anal so we don't really see Chris letting his wild side out that much. Which is OK, 'cause i'm expecting him to do so with Leo Giamani.

Chris Rockway Live 5

Ok, if you have an account at Randy Blue then, you've probably already now this. But if you don't, well let me tell you. Every tuesday at RB they have a live show where a model performs live via webcam and gets the chance to chat with fans, they answer to questions, talk a little about themselves, projects, etc. 

Well, on October 15th was Chris' fifth time doing so... and it was hilarious! here's a video, just a little tease. So you better get an account now since it's really hard to find the live shows somewhere else than RB.

Hottest thing ever!

Ok, my mouth has been watering since last night when I heard first about it. and Now there's even a behind the scenes video. Nothing too pushing but enough to keep us interesting. 
So the great news is that Randy Blue has paired up our boy, Chris Rockway with hot newcomer, and one of my favs too, Leo Giamani. OMFG! what could possibly be hotter than that? you just can't! anyway... here's what Leo had to say about working with Chris. 
He was amazing to work with.  He is great looking and has the body of an Adonis.

Men magazine anniversary issue

Here are some of the pics belonging to the latest Men magazine. Although I hate how they exploit the gay cliché, I must admit the pics are hot!
If you have some other, or you know where to find them please be kind enough to send me an e-mail or post!! help needed!

Our boy did it again!

Chris comes back a Men magazine cover boy. Only this time he brought some companion. This time he shares the cover with Reese Rideout and Xander Scott for the Men magazine special anniversary issue. And boy they know how to throw a party. Here you have some of the photos taken at the Publisher party, brought to you by 
Make sure you visit it. the site is great! Anyway.. enjoy.

And a video too, Reese is an attention whore and he gets most of the onscreen time, but you can also see Chris being just him. He's Adorable!


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