Chris and Alex Photos!

I forgot when was the last time I was this excited by a Chris's video... his latest clip is hot as hell and I have some more pictures to prove it! I also forgot to mention, they cum at the same time!! Can it get any more perfect?? enjoy..

Chris & Alex

Guys.. The video is now up at ... It's a MUST SEE, this video marks yet another Chris' firsts; He kisses a guy for the first time, and it also marks a first for Alex, too this is Alex's first time ever to take some cook. here's an excerpt of what Randy had to say: " Alex and Chris try to outdo each other in the blowjob department, Chris fucks Alex like his life depends on it, and then they both cum at the same time. We’re gonna have to work overtime to top this one" Hot, Hot, hot!!!! can't say that enough.. Just look at these images!

Coming soon!

To RB, a new video featuring Chris & Alex... check this behind the scenes video. Chris looks amazing! Can't wait!!


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