Chris Rockway & Straight Porn

I was going to omit this information but there's been a lot of backlash from some blogs and online forums, twitter, etc. That I thought of might as well write a piece on the matter and set things a little straight - No pun intended -. I've meant to publish this earlier but once again, I had to have a clear idea of what I wanted to say and where I was going with all this.

As many of you might've heard, Chris Rockway has shot a straight porn video. The news first broke on July 18th when it was of public knowledge that he had joined OC Modeling, - under the name of Cash Hunter - a company that according to them its models "can be booked for many different kinds of shoots ranging from lingerie and swimsuit to Adult video and photos ....  Our goal is to develop a web presence for our select models through official personalized websites, live webcam shows and more. Additionally, we keep them on top of their game and in the press with interviews, magazine placement and more."

That being said, I'd like to elaborate on a few points,

#1: OCM is not entirely devoted to represent porn stars. they offer their talent to be booked for different gigs though porn is mainly their thing. So you know, Chris maybe wanted to see what was out there, he got a manager/handler through this agency to expand his horizons and see if he could capitalize even more than just gay porn.
In my personal opinion, what I really think it happened was that Chris' exclusivity with Randy Blue ended and they weren't able to reach a new settlement. Therefore, he explored other options. Remember he's hunting cash and to be fair, aren't we all?

#2: Chris Rockway has always been the facade, a performer - a damn good one if you ask me - he never said he was gay, we have always known he is in fact straight.
 In his own words, "is not real sex. It’s a lot of work. Sexually, I can disconnect myself from what I want from a woman, and I can act those things out with men, be physical. I'm straight but not narrow." His thing is dating and sleeping with women. As an actor, he sold us this idea of him being into men, he's been doing it since 2006 and he will continue to do it. Being completely honest with you, I am intrigued and kinda turned on to see him in his "natural environment": with a girl.
Daniel - his real name - has fucked girls, he fucks girls, will fuck girls, and there's nothing we can do about it. So please let's get over this idea of him betraying his fans or turning his back on gays because that hasnt' happened nor will happen.

#3: At first I was a little concerned about Chris' future on Randy Blue. I've been a subscriber of the site for over 4 years now and the reason I signed up was him and he's the only reason I  continue on the site. I asked via twitter what was going to happen ans they reassure me he will continue to work for RandyBlue as well OCM. So there's nothing to worry about.

In short, there shouldn't be any backlash to Chris Rockway, he's just a straight male actor doing general porn. He will continue to perform as both "Chris Rockway" for the gay industry and as "Cash hunter" for the straight industry. He will continue to work for RandyBlue as he has for the last 6 years, where recently he can be seen in the liveshows section of the site and hopefully in a new video pretty soon. He still has the whole fleshjack boy thing going, so that should be interesting to follow and of course as a straight porn actor in the yet to be released video for Jay Allan Photo with co-star Chastity Lynn (seen in the picture above) for a still unknown site, but as soon as I find out more, I'll let you know as this site will continue to support the man behind Chris and now Cash as it has over these past years.

Follow Chris on Twitter @ChrisRockwayXXX
Follow Cash on twitter @CashhunterXXX

thanks for reading, I'd like to know what you think, please comment!


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