Men magazine anniversary issue

Here are some of the pics belonging to the latest Men magazine. Although I hate how they exploit the gay cliché, I must admit the pics are hot!
If you have some other, or you know where to find them please be kind enough to send me an e-mail or post!! help needed!


  1. David said...
    High quality pics here!
    Anonymous said...
    Chris and Reese are hot. Did you know they both got their start and did their first video on MightyMen.Com? I know the owner, he said they were great and he called Randy to refer Reese to Randy Blue. Great stars.
    CR fan said...
    Thanks for posting!.

    Hope to hear from you again.
    Anonymous said...
    Here's a site that has a whole gallery of all the Men Magazine Anniversary issue pictures with Chris, Reese & Xander:

    Chris Rockway DNA said...
    My bad...I didn't mean to post that gallery link anonymously...I'm new to this whole blog thing and just registered today...if you ever need help finding more Chris Rockway pictures or other stuff I'd be glad to help you CR Fan. Later!

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