Merry CHRISmas!

So as i had posted before, Unzipped magazine was to feature Chris on the December Issue, well, it's not even December and the pics are out! Feast your eyes by clicking HERE!
the file is in .pdf so you need to have Acrobat reader installed. 

And don't forget, We are still receiving questions for our Chris Rockway interview. So, please hurry and send them whether by commenting or sending an E-mail. 

Update: click Here for some other pics of the december issue


  1. Anonymous said...
    I have a few questions for the Q&A with Rockway if it isn't too late...

    1. Do you always scream out so loud when you cum? It is very sexy and I just wondered if it always happened?

    2. Have you ever eaten your own cum or anyone elses?

    3. Have you ever considered doing a Randy Blue (or other) video of you in a shower and then get out, towel off, and jerk yourself off on the floor of a bathroom while laying on a plush towel? You wet would be HOT!
    Jesús said...
    I love you Chris Rockway

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