Merry XXXmas!

Christmas comes in advanced this year! Well, sort of. Unzipped magazine just released its december issue cover and our boy, the magnificent Chris Rockway is on it!

he's done it again!. - which is good since he's been keeping a low profile and no new videos have been released-

The december issue will be available late november on.
so far, I haven't found any pics, so please if you get your hands on it. please share some scans, they will be much appreciated.


  1. un-angel said...
    Hi, I am a Spanish fan of Chris, thank you very much for what I found on your page. A greeting and a hug.
    Anonymous said...
    I like chris rockway very much.
    I am a Chinese fan.
    I found your blog, it is very good, thanks!
    My English is poor, I want to talk with you.
    Sweat Under Gear said...
    got this issue in the mail - great spread Chris, you look gorgeous

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