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Name: Chris Rockway
Age: 32
Birthday: November 21st, 1979
Zodiac: Scorpio
Place of birth: Omaha, Nebraska
Orientation: Straight
Lives in: Splits time between Nebraska and California
Height: 5' 11" (1.79 Mts)
Weight: 190 lbs (86.18 Kg)
Eyes: Green
Cook lenght: 8.5 inches
Cook girth: 6 inches
Enjoys: Art, music, science, fitness and travel
Speaks: English


-->"I'm happy to be working with Randy and his crew. I made one appearance on another site before being shot by Randy, and I’m proud to be working exclusively with him."
--> "I was at a club recently and a group of guys who recognized me came up and asked me to remove my sunglasses so they could see my green eyes,"
--> "I enjoy meeting the people, and find the whole experience totally cool."


  1. Anonymous said...
    First of all.. Chris Rockway isn't straight.. gay for pay or not.. he isn't straight. He fucks guys... doesnt matter how you put it... he fucks guys.

    He is atleast bi.. and I love him so don't take this as hate or anything.. but he is definitely not straight.
    Anonymous said...
    I agree. I am so tired of this gay for pay bullcrap the gay porn industry feeds us. I definitely am not one of those gay guys who thinks they are all gay in denial, but bisexuality does exists as I have slept with enough bi guys to know this, but no true straight guy would sleep with men for money. First of all, gay porn pays well, but it's not in the millions, second, you ask any straight guy if they would fuck or get fucked for 3 grand or less per movie, they will say no way! When you think about it, there is A LOT for a straight man to risk, losing family, friends, wive,girlfriend, etc, just to make a few thousand and do this for a living? If a gay guy does it, there is no secret, nothing to lose really, with the exception of being outed,but you don't lose your reputation. This is an invention of the gay industry and always has been because some gay guys love the "straight" masculine seduced by femmy gay guy fantasy... I find it offensive and as long as gay guys put up with this crap and put pressure on them to hire "gay or bi" identified men or stop with the lies, it will never end. This is internalized homophobia at it's worst.
    Anonymous said...
    A truly STRAIGHT man DOES NOT have sex with another man no matter what!! If he does, then he is NOT truly straight!! Just like a a truly GAY man NEVER has sex with a woman. And don't feed me this "gay for pay" crap either. If you'll suck a dick or fuck another guy, and even better GET FUCKED by another guy, YOU ARE NOT STRAIGHT!!!! This isn't rocket science here people!! DUH!!
    SilverBlitzer said...
    i was thinking the same thing about the orientation thing too, but does it matter?

    why are people taking offense to him being straight. its not like he belongs to you! Just enjoy his work and stop bitching! ¬_¬

    come on! we're GAY! lets start being more like the original definition of the word!
    Anonymous said...
    Chriss, straight, huh?? Mmmmm.... And I believe it's gonna snow here where I live in Brazil!! Please!! Chris Roqway is Gay. Full Period!!
    Ernest L Sewell, IV said...
    What is "suppotition" ???

    No matter what anyone here says, Chris IS straight, and loves women. Knowing a couple of the guys at Randy Blue, they can fully testify that Chris and Reese are both straight.

    But what's with all the labels anyway? Why is it so important to anyone what someone else's sexuality is?

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