There was this day when I found out Randy blue's videos and they totally hooked me up! a bit later on their website a new model was presented, his name Chris Rockway.
Since the moment I saw Chris I fell in love, he "had me at hello" well, not really since we haven't met or spoken but in the moment I saw his picture he drove me insane.
There is something about him that makes him completly irresistible and after this time still can't find out what it is. Perhaps his boyish eyes, or quirky smile or maybe that hand sculpted body. I don't really know!
Whatever the reason is, I tought there were plenty of them to start a Blog completly devoted to the man himself, his work and anything else I could find on the net.
Main of the reason I started this blog was that I learned that he has many fans and there are little sites to show the love we feel.
Hopefully that's about to change, I realise there are still many things to improve here, but this is only the beginning. So feel welcome, look around and above all let's spread the word about this gorgeous man specimen.


  1. Danny said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Chris Rockway said...
    Thanks to everyone who has been so kind. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the fans, so I will continue in this industry as long as people keep watching.

    Thank you for everything,
    Chris Rockway
    gayKuwaiti said...
    you can find more details about him in his myspace ;)
    quietobserver said...
    Check this pics out!
    they're just -JAWDROP-!!!


    Ps. I really do love you blog!

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