Poolside with Chris Rockway.

It seems like it was yesterday when Chris Rockway graced the cover of Mark Henderson's Household Idols. Still it's been two years and it is time for a new book to come out. 

"Poolside" it's the name of Henderson's latest release and it features some Randyblue models and of course our dearly Chris. 

I share with you the pic (a pic?) from the book. I do not actually know how many time Chris is featured in the book, but if you find some other ones please be kind to send them my way. 

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  1. Anonymous said...
    Sexy as always!

    Quick question out of curiosity.

    Do you answer emails yourself here or do you actually read all of them?

    Really just curious.

    Love your stuff, stud ;)
    Keep rocking it Mr. Rockway

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