Chris Rockway in Egypt.

Last week while vacationing in Egypt, our beloved Chris Rockway witnessed the problematic and devastating situation people in Egypt are enduring. At first he got to spend some great quality time while visiting some of Egypt's greatest wonders but unfortunately chaos unrolled and thanks to the Randy Blue crew he was lucky enough, among his group of friends to follow the American Embassy directions and be able to leave the country. His next stop was Greece, where he wrote the next few lines...

I have just arrived in Athens Greece from Cairo Egypt Sunday...

The Egyptians are humble people with a sense of history, community, and responsibility I have not seen anywhere else. They were brutalized from the beginning for those very things which make them so enduring. They only continue to suffer because they are not willing to continue to live under the oppression and corruption of this selfish tyrant. While I am far from harm's way and will most likely return soon to the typical apathy within the borders of the United States, I do not sleep. It is 4:00 AM here in Athens Greece, and my heart and stomach recoil against the images I witnessed first hand. As I now look out across the Aegean Sea, even in the pale light of a calm night's air, I see reflected in the water the good people of Egypt and their struggle for basic rights which so many take for granted. My thoughts are with all of you I've met, your family, your friends, and all the citizens of Egypt.

He also wrote a well-intentioned and grateful note to his tour guide.

To: Khaled, our guide...

You were first our educator, and then our protector.  You first guided us through the sites, and then through the chaos. You could have left us. The money was not so much as to motivate you to see us through, but your good heart was. I am sickened by the thought of you or your loved ones seeing another day of bloodshed or tears. I so hope for your safety and well being.

May Egypt's grief end now."
I guess that from these lines we can truly see what a great man Chris really is, He lets us see what he is like beyond the performer which makes me proud of being a fan of his and the front runner of this fan-based Blog. We are glad to hear he's well and hopefully he'll get to enjoy the rest of his vacation. I can't wait to hear from this adventure on a live show or coming video at randyblue.

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