Meet Chris

If you live in Milwaukee, chances are you've already been to the boom/ the room. If not, this is the perfect chance! Chris will be presenting a little show there, on June 20th. If you are lucky enough to be around town please share some pics! and tell us what the show was like.. please do!


  1. seaboy said...
    Hey man ;) ! I post a comment because I saw him on the beach near Cannes on the french Riviera with Leo Giamani !! I was tottaly stunned to see them, I am a really fan and wow it's was cool they are better in real !! and it's not a joke !!
    CR_fan said...
    Thanks for the heads up!
    I did a little research and he was indeed in France.

    He was in Nice, france from June 27th to July 1st.
    I'm not quite sure what he was doing there but I'll try to dig a little deeper on that.

    thanks one more time and keep on posting!

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