I'm a bad person!

I am incredibly sorry for the lack of updates, but guys.... I've been very busy, busy enjoying vacations that is! So I haven't really been in the mood for posting until today.

Since last update, Randy blue changed and for good. I renewed my subscription just to find out that now the videos are in HD which is AWESOME you'll see Chris in a new perspective... If only Randy blue could find the way to have videos in 3d, lickable and scented .. yeah right! maybe some day.. one can never stop wishing!
Anyway as a proof, Chirs rockway teamed up with Kevin Falk and Braden, in this hot video where you get to see every inch of Chris' to die for body. Seriously you see sweaty Chris having a great time. HD is just great you almos fell you're there next to them watching the whole act.


What else? oh yeah.. If you find yourself commenting your friend's pics at Flirck you might wanna take the time to type Chris in the galleries. I assure you may end up pretty surprised. A little something so you can hace an idea ....

Well, that'll be all for now. I promise I won't be away that long, tonight I'll be replying some of your E-mails so don't disspear!.. Thanks and please keep sending mails and posting.



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